Opening ceremony

Paris 7:45 am May 14
New York 1:45 am
Tokyo 2:45 pm

Dr. Patrice Bergeyron, MD, DDS. 🇨🇭
President of ISFESO and SFOP

Aesthetic and functional treatment of open bites


Paris 8:05 am May 14
New York 2:05 am
Tokyo 3:05 pm

#functional #orthodontics #pediatric #aligner
Dr. Gábor Hermann, DMD. 🇭🇺
President of IFUNA (International Functional Association)

You are not alone - Introduction of IFUNA and the concept of Craniofacial Functional Medicine


Paris 8:50 am May 14
New York 2:50 am
Tokyo 3:50 pm

#functional #treatments #ifuna
Dr. Rafi Romano, MD, DDS. 🇮🇱
Past-Président of the Israelian Orthodontic Society & Ambassador of the AAO

Froggymouth – an essential tool to correct and retain teeth positions at any age!


Paris 9:15 am May 14
New York 3:15 am
Tokyo 4:15 pm

#functional #orthodontics #avoidingRelapse
Dr. David Couchat, MD, DDS. 🇫🇷
Scientific President of the French Society of Aligners

How to integrate the Froggymouth in aligner treatments


Paris 9:50 am May 14
New York 3:50 am
Tokyo 4:50 pm

#functional #orthodontics #aligner
Dr. Arash Zarrinpour 🇫🇷

Smilers Aligners and Froggy Mouth association, in arch form and bite corrections on adults


Paris 10:35 am May 14
New York 4:35 am
Tokyo 5:35 pm

#functional #orthodontics #aligner #smilers
Dr. Antonello Pavone 🇮🇹

Obtain the correct balance between swallowing, chewing and smiling on Adult patient


Paris 11:10 am May 14
New York 5:10 am
Tokyo 6:10 pm

#functional #balance #adult
🇮🇹 ddededed

Dr. Pietro Manzini, MD, DDS.
Most experienced user: 1500 documented cases with Froggymouth

Positive “side effects” in the use of Froggymouth in re-educating atypical swallowing and oral breathing.


Paris 12:10 pm May 14
New York 6:10 am
Tokyo 7:10 pm

🌟 #functional #treatments #most #experienced #user #worldwide 🌟
Dr. Carine Ben Younes-Uzan 🇫🇷
BM of the SFOP

When to start the froggymouth treatment according to each pathology and age


Paris 1:30 pm May 14
New York 7:30 am
Tokyo 8:30 pm

#functional #treatments #ClinicalCases
Dr. Thierry De Coster 🇧🇪
President of the International French Speaking Orthodontic Association

Rehabilitation with the FroggMouth: simple treatment for a major issue


Paris 1:55 pm May 14
New York 7:55 am
Tokyo 8:55 pm

#functional #treatments #ClinicalCases
Vanessa Chouro Dental assistant 🇫🇷

What is the role of the dental assistant in a Froggymouth treatment

#dental #assistant #collaboration

Paris 2:10 pm May 14
New York 8:10 am
Tokyo 9:10 pm

Valentina Gecha 🇷🇺
President of the International Association of Myofunctional Therapy in Medicine and Dentistry

Preventive Diagnosis and Patient Management for Integrative approach in Dentistry.


#interdisciplinary #cooperation #PediatricSleep

Paris 2:45 pm May 14
New York 8:45 am
Tokyo 9:45 pm

Véronique Le Lan 🇫🇷

Clinical correction of Myofunctional disorders by speech therapist: insights from the Fellus concept


#fellus #concept #myofunctional #rehabilitation

Paris 3:10 pm May 14
New York 9:10 am
Tokyo 10:10 pm

Clémence Barrière 🇫🇷
Speech therapist

How and when to introduce the FroggyMouth in Myofunctional speech therapy


#myofunctional #therapy #dailyPractice

Paris 3:50 pm May 14
New York 9:50 am
Tokyo 10:50 pm

Eleonore Quillet 🇫🇷
Speech therapist

Comparison of two groups of patients treated by speech therapist in myofunctional therapy, including one with Froggymouth


#myofunctional #therapy #clinicalTrial

Paris 4:15 pm May 14
New York 10:15 am
Tokyo 11:15 pm

Dr. Myroslava Drohomyretska🇺🇦
Honorable President of the Association of Ukrainian Orthodontists
Founder of the Academy of uninterrupted education for orthodontists

Why do some children breathe with their mouths ?


#functional #treatments #breathing #etiology

Paris 4:40 pm May 14
New York 10:40 am
Tokyo 11:40 pm

Severine Lambert Osteopath. 🇫🇷
President of the European Society of Research in pediatric osteopathy

Interest of the froggymouth in osteopathy: when and why?


#functional #treatments #osteopathy #dailyPractice

Paris 5:10 pm May 14
New York 11:10 am
Tokyo 12:10 am

Aline Anthony-Gerroldt 🇫🇷 Kinesitherapist

Daily use of FroggyMouth by a Kinesitherapist: when, why and how


#functional #treatments #kinesitherapist

Paris 5:30 pm May 14
New York 11:30 am
Tokyo 12:30 am

Samantha Weaver, MFT 🇺🇸
FBM of the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Add the passive rehabilitation approach to your active traditional protocols


#functional #treatments #transdisciplinary #breathing

Paris 6:00 pm May 14
New York 12:00 pm
Tokyo 1:00 am

Dr. Patrick Fellus, MD, DDS. 🇫🇷
Founding President of the French Pediatric Orthodontic Society

FroggyMouth: from genesis to neuroscience, to understand how it works


🌟 #froggymouth #inventor 🌟

Paris 6:50 pm May 14
New York 12:50 pm
Tokyo 1:50 am

Marc Richard Moeller 🇺🇸
Founding Board Chair of the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences

Myofunctional therapy, a disruptive force bringing change to medicine


#myofunctional #leader

Paris 8:00 pm May 14
New York 2:00 pm
Tokyo 3:00 am

Pr. Dr. Karen Spruyt 🇧🇪

Sleep-disordered breathing has a negative impact on child development: yes, no, maybe?


#pediatric #sleep #disorders

Paris 8:25 pm May 14
New York 2:25 pm
Tokyo 3:25 am

Prof. Dr. Michel Lecendreux 🇫🇷
MD, Paediaric Psychiatry.
President of the SC of ADHD French Association

The interest of FM in improving involuntary mouth opening and tongue protrusion in children with narcolepsy.


#PediatricSleep #clinical #cases

Paris 8:50 pm May 14
New York 2:50 pm
Tokyo 3:50 am

Dr. Sergey Minaev 🇷🇺

Aspects of using myofunctional appliances among patients with signs and symptoms of temporomandibular disorders.


#functional #treatments #TMJ #posture

Paris 9:10 pm May 14
New York 3:10 pm
Tokyo 4:10 am

Thierry Gouzland 🇫🇷
President of the AROM

Importance of oro-myofunctional assessment, use of a score as a tool for interdisciplinary communication


#functional #treatments #interdisciplinary #NewTool #score

Paris 9:50 pm May 14
New York 3:50 pm
Tokyo 4:50 am

Dr. Hidehiro Abe, DDS 🇯🇵
President of Japan Oral Development Association (JODA)

Changes in buccal muscle strength with FroggyMouth


#pediatric #dentistry #sleep

Paris 10:15 pm May 14
New York 4:15 pm
Tokyo 5:15 am

Dr. Isabelle Hue, DDS 🇫🇷 Osteopath 🇨🇦

What every practitioner should know about the tongue


#interdisciplinary #functional #treatments

Paris 10:50 pm May 14
New York 4:50 pm
Tokyo 5:50 am

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